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“Kids Do the Funniest Things” (pdf)

“Computerized Library” (pdf)

“Hawaii Tech” (pdf)

“Cyberspace Hawaii” (pdf)

“Pick a Font” (pdf)

“A Low-Rider Birthday” (pdf)

“A Flag for All People” (pdf) (pdf)

“Merchandising Madness” (pdf)

“Board Books for Babies” (pdf)

“Dr. Jim” (pdf)

“Fast Food Playground” (pdf)

“Art Without the Museum” (pdf)

“On the Set of One West Waikiki” (pdf)

“What’s New at the University” (pdf)

“Hawaii Book Tidbits” (pdf)

“Hawaii FYI” (pdf)

“Paintball, the Game” (pdf)

“Heart to Heart” (pdf)

“Koolau, the Leper” (gif)

“Renaissance Woman” (pdf)

“Catch the Wind” (pdf)

“Home to Stay”

“The Man Behind the Voice” (gif)

“Long Distance Romance”

“Computer Bulletin Boards: Island Style” (pdf)

“Double Trouble or Twice as Nice?” (pdf)

“The Mural Lady of Honolulu” (gif)

“Preventing Sexual Harassment” (gif)