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The Honolulu Advertiser

Columnist and freelancer for the daily Gannett newspaper.

Casual Computer Columns

“Web Attractions for Kids” (png)

“Decisions, Decisions” (pdf)

“For the Record” (png)

“Quake, Rattle and Roll with the Gamesters”

“Computer Tutorials: Getting Technically Literate”

“Hearing the Call of the World Wide Web” (jpg)

“Pages from the Islands” (jpg-p1) (jpg-p2)

“The Web: Where the ‘Grrls’ Are” (jpg-p1) (jpg-p2)

“Tech Time on TV” (pdf)

“Cybercafes” (gif)

“Ask Around Before you Pick a Computer System”

“Making Music” (pdf)

“Tutorials, Furniture & Games” (1996 Hawaii Computer Expo)

“Finding Love On-line” (gif)

“Techie Gifts, with Aloha”

“The Ultimate Customized Hardware”

“Bringing the Islands within (On-line) Reach” (png)

“Do-It-Yourself Publishing”

“Going On-line”

“A Head Start in Understanding the Workings of the Computer” (png)

“Vacation Rentals Lead you Back to the Info Highway”

“A Net Gain for On-liners” (png)

“Should you Take a Hose to that Home Computer?” (png)

“On-line Access to the Issues” (png)

“Getting a Handle on Bulletin Board Systems” (pdf)

“Cut the Clutter: Reclaiming your Home Office”

Feature Articles

“Geek Speak” (contributor)

“Kids and Computers”

“Software Connections” (Contributor)

“Computer Magazines: Which Ones Should you Plug Into?”

“When Art Goes On-line in the Age of Computers” (gif)

“Confessions of an On-line Junkie” (Pseudonym: Kristine R.U. Redi) (gif)

“Hawaii is Worth the Price”

“Up to Speed on the Internet” (jpg)

“The On-line Connections”

“...Now Entering Hawaii’s Cyberspace...”