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As Editor-in-Chief of Hawaii’s Web & Internet News, developed editorial calendar, edited and proofread articles, and wrote several recurring columns and other articles.


“Editor’s Email”

“Hawaii Happenings” (recurring column)

“Hawaii Newsbytes” (recurring column)

“Web Watch” (recurring column)

“What’s New in Hawaii’s Webspace” (recurring column)

  • “What’s Up in Hawaii’s Webspace” (gif)


“Tribute to Iz” (png)

“Oceanic’s Road Runner—Combining Technology and Content”

“Computer City Hawaii—Plenty of Choice, Competitive Pricing”

“Softwatch—Quick Takes on Books and Software”

“Computer Expo Exhibitors—Who’s Doing What at the Show”

“Computer Expo 97”

“Computer Training Academy”

“Pacific Information Exchange: Internet Engineering for the Future”

“Christmas Shopping in Hawaii’s Webspace”

“Maui CyberCafes”

“Nurturing High-Tech Business in Hawaii: Manoa Innovation Center”

“LavaNet: Hawaii’s Red Hot Internet Access Provider”

“Digital Media Symposium Wrap-up” (png)

“Internet Basics: Some Tips for Choosing an Internet Service Provider”

“PC Banking at Home”

“The Small Business Web Site”

“Shareware Galore!” (jpg-p1) (jpg-p2)

“Hawaii Joins Western Governors University”

“Stampware 2.0” (png)